Chocolate – Delicious for Humans But Toxic For Dogs

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3rd November

Chocolate – – – Delicious for humans, but toxic for dogs . . .

Somehow your dogs has the knack to find your chocolate stash and help itself.  However, this tasty gulp may be of concern, especially for smaller sized dogs eating dark chocolate.

How serious the situation depends on 1) type of chocolate eaten, 2) amount of chocolate eaten, and the 3) size of dog. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic.

The smaller the dog, the more serious a reaction.

The cocoa bean contains theobromine and caffeine, both not good for a dog’s digestive system. Too much theobromine may be toxic to your canine and cause serious health concerns.

However, not all chocolate is created equal in its toxicity level to dogs.  White chocolate does not contain any theobromine, and would have no adverse effects.  Milk chocolate contains less … Read More »

Trick or Treat!

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3rd November

Halloween is coming and that means its time for Downtown’s Trick or Treat Trail on Wednesday October 31st!  Parents are invited to bring their little vampires, princesses, witches and werewolves to downtown for a fun and safe community Trick or Treating.   Merchants open their doors and hand out candy to upwards of 2,000 kids!  They buy many many pounds of candy for this, so make sure to thank them for supporting such a fun FREE community event.

It’s a great event to come to after school and meander the quaint downtown streets while the kids collect their loot.  Most merchants dress up for the occasion and downtown is swarming with adorable little ones dressed as everything from ladybugs to zombies.  We have a great time just checking out the fun costumes kids and parents alike come up with.  And … Read More »